EBSP provides an implementation of the bulk-synchronous parallel model on top of the Epiphany SDK (ESDK). This allows the BSP computing model to be used with the Epiphany architecture developed by Adapteva. In particular this library has been implemented and tested on the Parallella board.

This release comes with a large number of improvements over the alpha release that was released in April of this year, and we also introduce a number of new features. One major new feature is the introduction of data streams to the library. Data streams can be used to efficiently send large amounts of data to and from the Epiphany cores. For a complete list of changes see the changelog.

We have also rewritten our documentation to include much more details, and provide an elaborate tutorial on using the library at http://www.codu.in/ebsp/docs. We strongly believe that using the Epiphany BSP library is a fantastic way to write programs for the Parallella. EBSP programs are generally short and clear, and also very easy to maintain and debug compared to other ways of programming the Parallella.

If you are using EBSP, or have any questions, remarks or ideas then please get in touch at info@buurlagewits.nl! We would very much like to hear from you.

You can grab the release from GitHub, or use the empty project template that we provide as an easy way to get started. An extensive introduction along with a reference for the API can be found with the library’s documentation.